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  Mission Statement  


Naugatuck High School believes in:

  •   Perseverance through challenges;
  •   Collaborative relationships with students, faculty and administration to meet common goals;
  •   Access to education that meets students’ individual needs;
  •   Student engagement equaling higher achievement.

Core Values 

Naugatuck High values

  •   Equity;
  •   Collaboration;
  •   Personalization;
  •   Engagement;
  •   Responsibility;
  •   Tolerance;
  •   Respect 

The Core Values and Beliefs were used to develop the mission collectively by all stake holders.



 The mission of Naugatuck High School is to develop students who are responsible and engaged community members.  Students will communicate effectively, demonstrate perseverance to solve problems, and actively engage in their learning.



  About The School  

School Climate Transformation Grant

During the 2016-2017 school year, NHS will be participating in the second year of the School Climate Transformation Grant (SCTG).  This year the focus will be the roll out of a school-wide positive behavior support system (SWPBSS) which will recognize students for pursing their excellence in the R.I.G.H.T way.  RIGHT is a acronym for responsibility, integrity, generosity, helpfulness, and tolerance which we want to recognize and promote in students.  


Click here for more information about the grant:|#45862