Grad Nite

Grad Nite permission slips are available in the main office. Don't wait until the last minute! The deadline to turn them in is June 9th!

Senior Picnic

Seniors, please remember to bring in your permission slip and money for the senior picnic. It is due on May 23rd. Cost is $12.00, cash only. If you need to leave for sports on the 2:00 bus, you need a signed note from your parents by May 23rd. No exceptions!

Prevention Week Notice - Wednesday

Millions of Americans take opioid drugs routinely for pain relief. While effective painkillers, they can also be dangerous and addictive. Learn more about your prescription and how you can stay safe. Opioids/opiates work by blocking your brain's sensation of pain. They can also affect the pleasure center of your brain, causing a sense of euphoria. When taken as directed, opioids can be very effective in relieving pain. However, the body soon begins to develop a tolerance for the medication, so the same dose of medication offers less pain relief. If you feel the need to take more of the drug than was prescribed to you, talk to your doctor. Opioids inclue: Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Methadone, Morphine, Opana, Dilaudud, and Fentanyl among others. Addiction warning signs:

    Taking opioid medications for the feeling of pleasure/euphoria or for emotional escape. People suggest you cut back or quit using the medications Taking the medications other than orally - such as crushing and snorting, or injecting. Having cravings when not taking the drugs. Seeking early refills of prescriptions, prescriptions from other doctors, or drugs from other sources.

Prevention Week Notice - Tuesday

Teen brains are not fully developed until mid-20's.....underage drinking can interfere with normal adolescent brain development. Youths who drink before age 15 are 4 times more likely to develop a lifelong dependency on alcohol. Most underage drinking is in the form of binge drinking. Binge drinking is typically 5 drinks for males and 4 drinks for females in about 2 hours. Approximately 20% of college students meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder (AUD). For those under 21 years of age -- Parents/Guardians: Talk often, talk early. Parents who had clear discussions around the risks of substance abuse before the age of 10 had children who were less likely to initiate using drugs early. Communities: (1) Support policies that reduce the access, demand and consequences of underage drinking. (2) Ensure youth are active participants in community strategies. Schools: Provide: developmentally appropriate information, multiple sessions over multiple years, development of personal, social and resistance skills. Colleges: Implement alcohol education and screening.

Track & Field

Congratulations to Nick Arial, Rami Ammar, Andrew Dempsey, Aren Seeger, and Xavier Lews for placing 4th in the SMR Relays at Hillhouse High School on Thursday, May 18th. They earned a spot at Nationals in North Carolina on June 16th. The relay's anchor featured Aren Seeger running the 400. Aren raced around the track, setting a new Naugatuck High School record with an amazing time of 48.8 seconds.

Graduation NAUGATUCK HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2017 DATE: Wednesday – June 14 (Raindate: Thursday– June 15) TIME:...
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